When men wear pantyhose


Much has been written about the vast numbers of women who hate them and that many feminists consider them symbols of oppression. I noted another answer referring to bank robbers. Gender norms are being broken in many different ways. Heck i wear leggings for sports myself so i see no reason why men cannot feel liberated to wear what they feel comfortable in. I recommend those men who choose to wear hose for fashion purposes need to be smart about how they dress.

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When men wear pantyhose. A pantyhose is not a gender specific garment. It is completely alright for men to wear it. They are great for hunters and outdoor people to avoid tick bites. In 2007 i started working in a noc and pulling 12+ hour shifts and rotating assignments: some weeks i was on my feet all the time, others i was sitting, and a few others sitting and walking here and there. And where in fact they have not. A growing number of men are laughing in the face of gender norms and wearing tights with shorts.


Still wearing support hose, augmented now with tights, leggings, fleece-lined tights and fleece-lined leggings depending on the weather. They add a lot to ones health.