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Because that would be absurd. But seriously, i would not have made that connection until a reread of the comic. Unfortunately for her, my predictions for the surviving esper to become a supporting character were fatally wrong. Spike: i was reffering to slimecat. She also might fall for harry and try to corrupt him into being her second-in-command/lover. Hmm, sin, eh? seems to me that any authority figure that would punish and shame you for enjoying a story and having a few laughs without hurting yourself or others might be one of those judgemental, hypocritical egotists you were talking about.


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Tall leggy redhead gets speculum check & gives pee sample

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Tall leggy redhead. I think terry pratchett and nail gaiman said in good omens that it helps to understand human history if you remember that much of human history- good and bad- is understandable if you accept that most of it is caused by people being neither fundamentally bad or good, but instead by them just being people. I know this because i was a visual media major in college and had to do much audio recording and editing. However, i must inform, you have piqued my curiosity. He would be getting so many mixed signals he might go comatose. There are so many things out there that the human race has accomplished that are good.

Also, look at the woman opposite morth during the funeral for the family of the everchosen of the four. I like to imagine voices when i read chat scroll and when i write. I was more under the impression that esper was one of the ones whose head was exploded by the process of retrieving the image, though said image still managed to get through.