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As the pendulum swung, it caused a make-break action with the switch that energized the coil to repel the magnet as it passed over the coil. For even greater protection. Identifying an electronic component in an electronic assembly. Moving a magnet over the coil, everything is fine and ready to use. Pulsing a paraconical pendulum with a magnets is complex because the plane of the pendulum keeps shifting.

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Swinging magnetic toy schematic. First you should check the dc mode of operation. If you can find a 1 cell holder but can’t find a 2 celled holder you can solder a wire to bypass one of the spots for a cell. The same trick is used for powering those plastic solar-powered dancing animals, like those sold at the “dollar stores” in my home country, e. Our playards, sleepers, & bassinets offer the perfect place for baby to sleep during naptime or nighttime. How neat is that? some people are just so ingenious! If you’re using a reed switch as a counter, for example, it should actuate only once each time the magnet moves by (not three or four times, which would give a false reading).


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My understanding is that the difference is only in the voltage, with the quantum tunneling happening below a certain threshold (6v maybe?) and avalanche effect above. (same for batteries btw, which is why they get warm when they’re powering things or being recharged. During two solar eclipses, his pendulum radically changed its precession rate.

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