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The colors of a traffic light – red, yellow, and green – make an excellent safeword system and are used widely in the bdsm community. Being such a “good girl” outside of the bedroom, sex gives me an outlet to act and be treated as a “bad girl” which again, gets me excited as it’s something different. Never would i have known that i’d be the type of women who enjoyed being spanked until my teacher spanked me. Would you care for a cup?”.


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Spank me before sex. I thought that maybe my big tits were my dead giveaway to who i was after not seeing me for twelve years. Lovingly maintained by mr. Do you know that my dad was a prisoner of war in viet nam?”. Actually, it was more than a normal crush.

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He frightened me when he took that tone with me. All day, dave sent mia little messages to prepare her for their session. I so wanted to pull down my panty to show him my red ass but i was afraid to do that.

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