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Just because we don’t like it when other people do it is no reason to make it illegal. While this may sound to some like outmoded stereotyping, the sisters are taking part in a research programme with academics from essex university which appears to bear out their anecdotal experiences. Did the mistaken identity negate her consent? Hiya! ignore the sarcasm! perfectly good question. So why do i have no rights to these children? they are as related to me as their father and he took them from their lives and against my twins wishes before death.


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Pregnant with twinsIf a woman has slept with identical twins during the same time period, and becomes pregnant, is it possible for her to tell who the father is? : askscienceCan you have different ? -  babycentre

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Sex with identical twins. These observations could be attributed to (i) mutation and mosaicism involving “downstream” sex-determining loci, (ii) variable penetrance of genes such as dss/nr0b1, duplication of which can disrupt the male-determining pathway, or (iii) occurrence of cryptic 45,x gonadal cell lines. So i’m guessing he’s probably good too. We have ion torrent at our facility but had to send samples elsewhere for illumina it’d be great if we could use the local ion torrent system. ‘the only thing that weirded me out was when my friends tried to date frank, which i dealt with very maturely. In its factum before the court of appeal, the crown said the accused either acted recklessly or was willfully blind to the consequences of his acts.


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If a woman has slept with identical twins during the same time period, and becomes pregnant, is it possible for her to tell who the father is?

Is that the case? are identical twins genetically identical when they’re born? The comments/ replies seem to have strayed from the question as i understand your question. And even though it’s of absolutely no interest to you, there’s always a congratulatory ‘ooh’ from the assembled group.

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