Premarital oral sex

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Does oral sex count as premarital sex?

Be open, loving, merciful, and compassionate, and direct. It does not have to be restricted to a man’s penis entering a woman’s vagina. Oral sex and anal sex are still acts of sex. I advise you to stay pure. Lastly, talk to your fiance. God is a merciful god who delights in restoring what sin seeks to destroy (joel 2:25-27).

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Is oral sex before marriage ok?Is oral sex before marriage wrong? - uncovering intimacy

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Premarital sex: how far is too far? | christian nymphosIs oral sex wrong before marriage?What does the bible say about oral sex?


Premarital oral sex. Thus the warning about adultery in proverbs includes adultery committed by oral sex, “. Pay attention to them and act on them. That would be a good starting place for a conversation with him. This should be no surprise, since we have an enemy set against us and our impending marriage (1 pet. I do not lust over it, but once you allow more than kissing to happen it will stay with you for the rest of your life. When we marry we must sanctify our marriage to make the most out of the gifts and blessings god has after salvation.


Tim and jess had only been married for eight months, but the honeymoon was most certainly over. But here is the principle i teach, for any issue of morality including sex: