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A young guy is kidnapped by a tribe of women. Reestablishing that kind of connection before going to sleep was really, really nice. It can be fun not knowing what’ll happen next. Works like a charm. What worked one time may not work the next.

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Penetration while tied up. My girlfriend (21) and i (m/27) are both interested in some bondage. A bondage bar is a 17-inch spreader with attached cuffs,” corrine explains, “made to cuff the ankles and/or the wrists and bind them together. Plus, i’m afraid simply tying her wrists around her back and gouing at it, while sexy and all, could soon turn out to be painful for her. Safewords (“stop” is a perfectly reasonable safeword) and continuous verbal and non-verbal communication is a must. Always, always come up with a safe word and don’t ever be afraid of using to stop a session immediately,” says liebman.


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