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Some people are allergic to the latex found in many tights, and in that case, you can opt for 100% cotton hosiery to avoid developing rashes and eczema. Off the top of my head, i think theyre called pantyhose because it used to be that women would wear just stockings or “hose,” and then later on the panty part was added to the whole garment. Source: my friend once got arrested for dui and they took her pantyhose and her belt. She said her doctor told her the same thing that you say about the leg support. It is always a treat to read one of your books. Once laser-cut underwear begins to crease, roll, or fray around the edges, it’s time to replace them. Spandex or lycra will provide for more stretch, but this means that your hose will be more tight in fit.

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Panties over pantyhose. The only time i haven’t was recently when i wore them for a costume that included a leotard which was cut high enough on the hips that pretty much any pair of panties of mine would’ve shown underneath through the pantyhose. It’s seriously not worth it. I was reclining on the couch, my mind drifting into the past, remembering far back to the an early age and girdles and those things, whatever they were called, to which we attached hose. Later corsets were softened and replaced with girdles, that still had some form of a shape. Otherwise, you can choose one of the top 10 hose listed above, and you will surely have found a good product that will fit to your specific needs. I was beginning to wonder about me and her. There’s a reason professional stylists use thongs and g-strings exclusively.

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