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Your doctor might recommend estrogen treatment to balance your hormones. To keep track of how much you are drinking, fill a glass bottle with your daily water intake and aim to empty it by the end of the day. Like is true with any sex act, don’t do anything that hurts or makes you uncomfortable. Cullins said she sees.


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Painful penetration movie. Genital herpes (see p. To learn how to make him sexually obsessed with you and only you. Exercises can help you learn how to relax and control the muscles of your vagina. Even when the unexpected occurs, a couple’s first experience can still be meaningful, positive, exciting, pleasurable, and/or fulfilling. This relaxed my muscles and after that i haven’t needed the anaesthetic or even lubricant for that matter at all. If you have had an episiotomy or vaginal tear during childbirth, sensitive scar tissue can make penetration difficult or painful. You should squeeze the pelvic floor muscles, hold them for two seconds and relax.


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This condition can occur even when there is enough vaginal lubrication produced. Her office was near me and i felt she must be knowledgeable about the condition if she was familiar with the treatment kit.

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