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By the way, i let my sister read these posts and she agrees with me completely. That statement, in itself, tells it all, with the emphasis on “prolonged”. The child is small, weak, clumsy and hopelessly ignorant. It also interferes with the development of trust, a sense of security, effective communication and the development of internal controls or self-discipline. If this is the case, then we are all on the same page! we want the best for our kids and love them endlessly.


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Not spank spank. It was 50 wacks with the board minimum. She has raised 4 boys by herself after her husband died in a car accident and now her children are grown and decent people. That is so, so wrong on so many levels; i don’t care if the child was clothed or not, its wrong. Even more so when that person is their parent.

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I also don’t believe it should be the only means of discipline, it certainly wasn’t in my childhood. He was perhaps 7 at the time.