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I found my self potentially over compensating during bed time by producing an enormous amount of love. For myself and the rest of the world, i do not believe he will ever be replaced. This research further shows that children who have been spanked are more prone to low self-esteem, depression and accept lower paying jobs as adults. And you sound like an extremely violent person; saying someone should be burnt. Jordan was all child advocacy, all the time, yet my favorite moment of the trip to chicago was when our wonderful group was having dinner at the hotel and jordan and my son were discussing the lego bionicle toy brycen brought along.


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Towards positive parenting strategies

Corporal punishment: how its defined, its effect on children and where its illegal - cnn

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No spank spank. I’m fortunate to have had the chance to meet jordan in person on two occasions, and to have developed a friendship with him over the course of many long phone conversations. I think jordan changed the rotation of the earth in his small and big way, he changed it enough that it will not go back to how it was prior. There have now been hundreds of high-quality spanking research studies with a wide variety of samples and study designs. Kids tantrum for many reasons. I felt very happy and proud. Which may give you an insight as to where the problem is.

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Jordan was the consummate professional at all times, even when he was frustrated with computers, he maintained a light-heartedness and we would share a laugh. He wrote a letter on my behalf when i began the process of adopting my son, brycen, then 11, from the foster care system in 2005. I love you and the light of peace that you were who burned like a beacon of hope in such a dark world.

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