Mothers who spank their daughters


Parents convicted after spanking teenager

The time outs are working well. I also understand that you believe you are a good person, and you turned out that way not because you had a father who loved you and took and interest in you but because you had a father who spanked you. When i spank her, i do it bare bottom, he doesnt. It allows children to feel they have some degree of control over what happens to them, and teaches them to seek and consider choices. If we want to nurture positive behaviors, all parents should teach a child how to regulate their behaviors early,” gustavo carlo, the study’s co-author and professor, told usa today. Sure, you have my permission to link to the blog post.

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Mothers who spank their daughters. Sometimes they have a belief system (often religious) that claims children must be beaten or else they will turn out bad. Your parents and reject their traditions or beliefs. Good behaviour earns privileged and vice versa. There’s a difference between spanking your child and instilling understanding, and beating your kid up for the fun of it; the latter would have a profound effect on a child and indeed teach them that bullying is okay. Please talk to a school counselor about this. And then i’d get spanked at home as well.

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Have been doing so since i was 6 -i have none by the end of any given day. And if it’s just a tap, then why not tap them on their shoulder? wouldn’t that be more appropriate?