Messaging the clitoris

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Does the clitoris need to be massaged gently, or more firmly to bring about orgasm? - quora

Now, try rubbing your fingertip on the skin of your knuckle. I have been feeling that sex might just not be for me but sudenly i reconected with an old time aquantaince of mine that i had not seen in over 20 years and his sweet, generous frindly attitude has ignited something in me that i didnt think possible. Some women have trouble reaching orgasm (. Then slowly start concentrating on her clitoris in a direct manner to lead her to ideal clitorial orgasm.


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Anatomy & physiology of the clitoral orgasm

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Messaging the clitoris. Here are some suggestions: You can either check out pictures in the mini-doc above or. Then you should remove your tongue from vulva region as she would crave for more action. It is essential that you not be distracted. Also, if you’re on any sort of antidepressants they can cause problems with sensitivity and orgasm.

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In order to do that, know what turns your sexual crank. If one area produces a different, ideally more pleasurable sensation than the ones around it, you’ve found it! another way to know: your g-spot’s texture may be more like the outside of a walnut than the smooth, soft skin surrounding it, says brown-james.