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Give her a medal, ’cause there was so much sweat on the bed it was damp top to bottom. If you believe that oral sex makes someone a non-virgin, then being either the giver or receiver would make you one. (miscarriages most of the time). Respect for one another,by accepting past mistakes, past obstacles, past destinies.


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Masterbate loses virginity. That is old enough to deal with the consequences. I know it will be difficult especially in a society where future partners are not supposed to talk to each other in public/private (i mean, how come it is possible for two person to spend together their whole life without knowing each other? there compatibility, likes, dislike, interest, personality etc. I expected that tingly feeling when you look at porn or something but it felt really good. Check out the info. Through, alone and together.


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Some females who have engaged in sexual intercourse have perfectly intact hymens, and some females who have never done anything “below the waist” have no hymen left at all. Here in egypt that the bloody sheets is a proof for modesty.

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