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I think 300 strokes is an extraordinary amount and i know that if i was on the receiving end of such a severe spanking with the implements that i have , my ass would look considerably worse. This has helped a lot. The problem is less spanking than it is timing. When she catches him watching porn on his phone when he should be working out, she puts him over her knee for a painful spanking, then bends him over for a harsh caning. This had broadened their sexual. Yes it is >> http://sissyandwife.


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Man cane spank. For when he’s just being a big girl about something. I don’t want to resist but in the moment i just can’t stop. Therefore, five pennies would amount to 25 strokes. Note: i shall only let one human to spank me. Today though becky and her mum were away overnight leaving april with becky’s older sister, nineteen-year-old clara. There should also be tears in his eyes.


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Align the tip of the cane halfway across the bottom no more than an inch on to the far side cheek. If you have not already done so, might i suggest becoming acquainted with primary source late 19th and 20th century feminist literature.