Lick their toes

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Why do dogs chew their feet?

Thanks for all the info. Invest in an elizabethan collar to minimize licking and offer a stuffed kong to distract him from the licking. I have the bitter apple now for our new malamute pup – and it works! even the little bit that our female mal has slurped up by accident is not meeting with her liking either! i have heard that sometimes they also lick because it is a referred pain from their legs but think allergies, etc. *i’d guess that paul newman’s feet (or anything!) would have set me alight, and there have been a tiny number of men i’ve known whose feet i thought were pleasant enough to look at. Some women find any sort of foot affection as awkward and weird, some find it uncomfortable.


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Lick their toes. He said he was court ordered to see a mental health professional, and he isn’t opposed to getting help again. Usually he will itch everywhere, and not just on his feet, but an infestation can cause excessive foot licking. I mean, she’s 12, I wish i had thought about this 3 years ago. If a woman’s feet are soft, well taken care of, her nails short and painted, i too find enjoying them relaxing and yeah, exciting. After 2 years of trying to hunt down a cause, i’m starting to think it’s an obsessive compulsive thing and am getting used to the slurp-slurp on the floor next to me when i go to sleep.


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Allergic conditions

It could be something physical, such as a sticker stuck between his toes, or something emotional, such as feeling lonely and bored. Behaviours such as pushing into you or going in front of or behind you during distraction training are stress related. Grass awns and burrs.

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