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On june 19, 2004, james (then 39) and de la cruz (then 30). Followed in june 2007. The actor has been married to his first and only wife, steffiana de la cruz, for 13 years. She’s talented, too, i got to be honest,” james bragged about his then-3-month-old daughter on. But the comic does love his hometown of long island, where the show is filmed. De la cruz is best known for her roles in her husband’s movies, including. They don’t mean to, but they provide a wealth of comedy.

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Kevin james wife asian. In fact, he even moved his own family back to nassau county when he signed on for the show. Before his second was born. It must have gone well, because they soon after. 13 years today!!! deo gratias!” the latin phrase translates to “thanks be to god.

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All of our writers have kids, and man, we just draw from it. And recently, he shared a sweet snapshot of de la cruz giving him a kiss on their anniversary, with the caption: “my incredible wife.

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