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But through dead hyperlinks, we can still remember that these cultural fascinations did exist once upon a time, map markers to places that no longer exist. Obviously it was planned but so what. ” as one participant in the production told me, the n. In their place in history. If people are so afraid of nudity, then why do tv stations show victoria’s secret commercials or even body lotion commercials. Pulled off the plate-and-lace combo covering jackson’s right breast.


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Janet jackson when boob falls out. The breast was planned this whole time. Schocking! last summer i was on the beach and everywhere women with naked breasts – two naked breasts. Fellow pop star justin timberlake tore off half of her black leather bustier while the pair were singing a duet, exposing her right breast at the conclusion of the 2004 super bowl half-time show. In which her powerbitch character is ultimately punished by contracting hiv.

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It was just a tasteless commercial act. It may be a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. But i only got 10 per cent of the blame.

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