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The crime was planned. I looked at my husband one day and said we are spanking her to try to solve this anger issue and all it is doing is making her angrier. That should raise some flags that the ace report is ignoring some very important facts. And yes, it’s easy to make a girl come, in the softer way and it’s even possible (if she love it) in the wilder way!

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It love spank why. I was trapped down a well, helpless and hopeless with no way out. Satan you are a liar. I told her that her options were to get her things and come with me, or get a spanking, get her things and come with me. I was horrified at the responses suggesting spanking and the ugliness directed at the parent and child. Sister’s eyebrows were never the same after that; the skin was too scarred. Parenting him like my other children was making him worse. I don’t know why they did that, but that seemed to lead moments of teasing when those children became adults and the parents would show those pictures from the family picture album.

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If i go by his behavior after he was spanked it was one of the more effective things we did. My mother put us there for a few years because she couldn’t afford to raise us and back in those days, she couldn’t get public aid.

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