Hustler 6btv without radials


Disappointed with vertical hustler 6btv compared to gr5v : amateurradio

Is this really true? on digital modes psk31 or jt9/65 i can get out from southern california to japan, brazil, spain, venezuela, cuba, etc using my crappy gr5v configuration. Unfortunately, i have a 35 foot height restriction in my city. Thanks for the information. You did guy the antenna, right?


Disappointed with vertical hustler 6btv compared to gr5v


Hustler 6btv without radials. Doesn’t matter if they’re on the ground. At first i though it would be short enough without, but not a good idea obviously. No more than 1/2 to 1″ depth is just fine. When i want dx, i put the hustler up. Bad, but every neighbor in the neighborhood were giving it double and triple takes.

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Mine is also on a fold over mount so i can keep prying eyes happy :). I ended up taking it down and will probably end up selling it. As for the g5rv or any dipole type antenna, get it up higher.

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