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Cameron loves that feeling of being in control, saving people to validate her own existance. She broadened her smile in acknowledgement until the doors were closed completely. Long before facebook and instagram, in 2002, there was. You start a story and already know every possible path and outcome.


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House lesbian fan fiction. If you don’t find her with her kindle in her hand, she’s probably busy talking about what she’s currently reading. As soon as i walked in the scent of cigarette smoke enveloped me, reminding me of my desperate need for one at the moment. I know you’re still there. Thirteen lay on the couch of the doctor’s lounge, an arm draped over her eyes. Sometimes that happens in the very first sentence and it grows more heated with every word. Thirteen had the woman’s red lace thong in her hand and quickly stuffed it into her pocket. That is, until she moved in.


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Brittany, santana and quinn are the only triad relationship outside of harry, ron and hermione that i could ever really see working. It felt so good!! she was kissing me while still rubbing my underwear with her hand. House called out rather loudly as he followed them out into the busy corridor, earning both himself and thirteen a good few stares from passers by.

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