Hole above clitoris

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My urethral opening is above my clitoris! | betty dodson with carlin ross

I found this thread because i have the same anatomy. The ureters are about a quarter inch wide and have muscled walls. The bladder can swell to store the urine until you’re ready to drain it. You have the first downward v and then the second downward v. When symptoms do occur, they may include a burning sensation while urinating and abnormal discharge.


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Hole above clitoris. We should also say here that there are many color variations in the whole external vulva area, depending on your skin tone and whether or not you’re sexually excited. Children with the exstrophy-epispadias complex may need additional surgery to repair the bladder neck. I looked at your diagram and while i do find the story interesting, i believe i have the same problem except it’s legit and i think that no matter what someone says, evolution is so weird, you don’t know if someone could actually have a condition and your name could end up on it. I hope this helps.

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They can hold urine and toilet train normally. This small opening, which is where urine comes out, is right below the clitoris. It runs from the bladder in front of the vagina and opens outside the body.

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