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Then, try to insert your fingertip again. Thank you for sharing, that’s awesome. My boyfriend is my breaded red pepper with cheese, and who knows, maybe that guy is yours. But, it was an exquisite pain, and i could feel my entire body slowly giving into that pain and getting used to what was inside of me. Few years ago i was at my friends house and having a good time drinking beer and watching some movies when he ask me if i ever had guy sex before and i told him no so he ask me if i would like to try it out. But there was only one simone and one simone only :). I left the house this morning a heterosexual man who never really entertained the idea of being with another man, and returned with a date set up with a handsome man.


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Guy submits to man anal. In our western cultures, we define masculinity based on action and accomplishment. And i liked it. And when we’d spent (platonic) nights together, just the two of us, there was a tension in the room, heavy enough to cut through with a knife. I looked down and noticed through his sweat shorts that he had an erection. Contemporary imagery is much more explicit. Was really hoping after scrolling for years he’d have at least let us know.

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You might discover, as i have, that working this muscle and training it to open feels really, really good. Once he’s comfortable with your finger inside of him, experiment by wiggling it back and forth, sliding it in and out, or moving it in a circular pattern.

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