Girls hypnotized to orgasm

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What is erotic hypnosis? its a way to have an orgasm without touch, and you could learn a lot from the practice

I told her you will be able to continue to breathe normally and you will continue to allow your vagina to be completely relaxed while you allow yourself to come. She continued “i could not have enjoyed it if i had actually felt in danger. Even when we are out to dinner. Sound impossible? it’s not. Then the hypnotist told him “you will not remember anything that happened up on stage tonight, until the moment that you walk out that door, you will instantly remember everything that happened!” at the end of the show, everybody took their time going out because they wanted to watch that guy walk out. Categories cunnilingus, fantasy, fingering, kissing, lesbian, shaved. Then i did it again, and again the same thing happened.


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Girls hypnotized to orgasm. Tonight was just a fantasy. I brought my hands up her sides and cupped her breasts. And you follow my commands instantly. I kissed her nipple and she shuddered. I pushed her off of my lap, tore my pants off, and drew her back down. I ramp up the intensity, having her get in to motion while in a trance and then, i. I stood back a safe distance and then i described the reality: “tonight, you are in a dark basement.

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She hugged me tight. I was using the welcomed method while telling her to relax.