Fonda cunt virgina


Kayla manson, 13-year-old girl, says c*nt twice on today show (video) | huffpost

To use such a debasing word in the context of the interview on the today show only verifies that fact that ms. The one-woman, pussy-positive show that has since become a staple of college campuses. Crude words for women or womens genirals have often been used as derogatory terms, as women are often considered less human, so it is instantly demeaning to be considered a woman or an even cruder woman. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements.

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Fonda cunt virgina. Again, you don’t have to be in the right wing to dislike jane fonda. Until 2004, the fcc’s policy on passing profanity had been not to take action, but it decided to clamp down in a move described as “a reflection of president bush’s views”. There are actors who refuse to join in. A person does not have to be a war monger to dislike her. All those old viet name farts who whine about jane fonda just need to shut up. Who think a person has to be a freeper to have a problem with jane fonda’s behavior during the vietnam war, you’re wrong.


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If you unexpectedly fire a starter’s pistol in a crowded room, people will react. : “answer me,” he said, “you ballbusting, castrating, son of a cunt bitch!” that was an awesome outburst, mostly because it doesn’t make any sense, but in hindsight it was like the instant your favorite underground band signs to the big bad major.

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