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Reddit said not to flush baby wipes. You probably don’t know, because you’ve not asked them all. The small is perfect for anal newbies, and you can use medium and large to work your way up in girth. The best way to combat this sensation is to dazzle your lady with distraction by turning her on. Having had no pleasure at all from my earlier mining attempts, i decided i’d tickle that little ball, my prostate, and try to cum. There’s a lot of advice in the article and if you start to act upon it, you’ll soon notice a difference in yourself. But i prefer to be prepared.

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Finger your asshole. It’s the only way to reach the prostate. Separate names with a comma. Many are hands-free so you can service your penis while getting prostate pleasure. When you feel ready, put a generous amount of lube on your finger.

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It can be obsessive, affect your sleep, performance, and family. Whilst i don’t have a definitive medical answer, personally i am a follower of the “gentle poke in the loosened butthole apply pressure and check paper” technique. I don’t know about all that man but your life might really benefit from some flushable wet wipes.

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