Feel the piss down your blouse


Urban dictionary: take the piss

I mean, i was like. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Reading has a vibrant independent food scene that needs nurturing, and it should cherish it. The people of reading are a sight to behold. The ammonia counteracts and eventually negates the pee smell. How to remove cat pee odor from ceramic tile flooring? this smell has been growing for years but i had grown “nose blind” to it until recently.

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Feel the piss down your blouse. I would say i’m the closest you could be to an alcoholic without being an alcoholic. Not one time, you can put in a complaint that can cost them their license, they’d prefer to just give you the script. To do when you’re at the rack. With respect to zack morris, this just doesn’t look cool.

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I don’t know how to get the smell out. I’m going to order some odoban this week.

Urban dictionary: pissing contest