Facial massager fyola ionic


Fyola facial massagers | fyola skin care | galvanic facial spa

Mode or galvanic mode separately. Facial machines used in beauty salons. Your skin blocks the absorption of nourishment products. Method and ultrasonic waves.



How fyola can help your skin?

Facial massager fyola ionic. And elastic body figure. To avoid any surprise, individuals who have heart conditions, have pacemaker, or are pregnant may consult their doctor before using ultrasound therapy. Reduce excessive oil and cellular debris from follicles to restore smooth youthful glow. And ultrasonic waves together. This is also an excellent treatment for sensitive skins as it hydrates deeply the skin when used with a toner gel. By using the lifting mode of the facial massager, it. Healthier from the inside out.

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Functions explained

Skin cells and tissues through a million of micro vibrations per second. A gel is needed to conduct the ultrasonic waves deep into the skin.

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