Examining throat infections in adults

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Strep throat: causes, diagnosis, and treatments

A centor score is out of 4 depending on how many of these are present. On the inflamed mucosa secondarily bacteria can multiply and produce an infection. Seer cancer statistics review, 1975-2008. The type that causes serious sore throats and needs to be treated with antibiotics is a group a streptococcus. The presence of three or four of these signs (centor score 3-4) suggests that the possibility of the patient having gabs is 40-60% and that antibiotic therapy may be beneficial. When streptococcal pharyngitis is suspected, the physician should listen for the presence of a heart murmur and evaluate the patient for hepatosplenomegaly.

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Antibiotics for strep

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Examining throat infections in adults. You are not aware of any streptococcal outbreaks in the local school. Sore throat” is the general term for any condition where the throat feels scratchy, tender, and possibly painful. Int j clin pract. Joe now remembers that 3 other children in his class are off school with a similar infection. The following tips may also help manage a sore throat: In adults, clinical criteria that increase suspicion of gabhs as a cause include.


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Insert the thudichum speculum gently, and identify the nasal septum medially; turbines laterally; inferior turbinate (nearly always possible to see); the middle turbinate is often difficult to see as it is small. Antibiotic medicine does not cure viral pharyngitis. Patients who tend to get repeated bacterial throat infections may also be given antibiotics.

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