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He groaned as he watched her hand slid down her body, settle between her legs, rubbing her own fingers across her clit. Shortly after she arrived and entered the den, carrying a bottle of lube and a small towel. Mmmmmmmmm” bayley moans as his thick head penetrates her while she moans her hands up to feel her firm tits. Mmm i can’t wait,” he said.

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Erotic stories of john cena. Oh let’s go to the cafe bar at the ritz, shall we? i’ll wear my new black pencil skirt and a semi-transparent black silk blouse if you like. Fuck man, i didn’t bring extra clothes. Come here and tell me again. Ohhhhhh yeah!” bayley moans loudly as she continues to look back at him, more specifically down at his dick. Woah!” cena laughs in surprise before bayley quickly pulls away, heavily blushing. The only thing to come out of his lips was a loud groan when rey’s pouty lips made contact with his thick, throbbing cock “ahhhhhhh. This was the biggest orgasm he ever had.

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You’re going too just fine when you get to the main roster. Ahhhh papi i’m gonna cum vato!” rey cried out loudly as he writhed against cena’s body, wriggling his cock against the champ’s abs to make himself cum and, after a few more motions, rey began to explode “ohhhh yeah!”. Randy pulls away and leans his forehead against john’s, staring into his eyes.

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