Erotic navel pain


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Then did some blood tests that confirmed i had gallstones and i was referred on to a gastroenterologist. I was sent home with painkillers and went back to the same surgeon. One can pour honey, wine, champagne, whipped cream, chocolate sauce in the navel and then slowly, teasingly licking it off. Eating like that, she’s not about to lose it.

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Erotic navel pain. His sweet blushing face was staring at her as she perched on his hard shaft. Some of these more invasive physical acts can include pulling or sucking the belly button out, dripping hot wax or oil into and around the belly button and lightly pricking the area with pins. The navel is where we get our life form. Similar results can be achieved by rubbing an ice cube over the belly button, or letting it rest into it and then melting it with the tongue. He grunted loudly, shooting heavy loads inside her.

Arousal through physical stimulation of the belly button

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