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I wear lycra compression tights for exercise and sports, does that count? i do not wear pantyhose as i find them too feminine for my liking. But if you have discussed this with your significant other and she is supportive then go your hardest. The bottom line when it comes to the pantyhose discussion is that the question of hose or no hose should be a personal decision. It’s more common than you think.

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Discussion beta men wearing pantyhose. I recently found peds “made to fit you” from wal-mart to be very comfortable, but it seems they’ve been discontinued! they really are “made to fit”! hanes silk reflections silky sheer and leggs silken mist ultrasheer are favorites of mine. What does she say? Tell us a little about yourself to get started. I only recently started back up with women’s brands, as i was wearing activskin’s and before that had a good few years of not wearing hose at all. Hey, i get it! i have done full female clothing a few times, and it was fun.


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The support is nice, as well as how everything “down there” is kept in one place, nice and neat, which actually isn’t uncomfortable with the right size and type of pantyhose. Maybe that makes me a little bit of a exhibitionist, but whatever. I shave my legs and other areas.