Different facial piercings


The rings are spaced close together. I was supposed to be getting a tattoo but my artist wasn’t in, so i got piercings. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. As you see in the photo, the uvula is the little fleshy thing that dangles at the back of your throat. She basivally went into a large rant about how it coupd get infected. They are generally done with labret studs and are located in the philtrum, the small indentation between the septum and the upper lip.

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Different facial piercings. A nasallang uses a piece of jewelry (usually a barbell) to join three piercings: one nostril, the septum, and the second nostril. I really, really want it. I am passionate about this, but im scared for band. It is a piercing of the lower frenulum, or web, between the inner lower lip and gums. The piercing enters at a low point inside the mouth below the lower lip and exits just above the chin.


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And post using a hubpages network account. The uvula piercing is cool but difficult for obvious reasons.

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