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Well suited for a host of projects, they’re long lasting and economically priced. Create unique effects usually only available with acrylic paints, while getting the easy cleanup of tempera. Washes up with soap and water. Reeves plastic palette knives are great tools for anyone learning palette knife painting techniques or experimenting with creating textured effects in oils or acrylics. Fluorescent blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent pink, fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent yellow-orange. Washes from hands, face, and nearly all clothing. Cover the paper in paint.


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Dick blick tempera sold. For sign painters, theater artists, and teachers. The square cakes easily wet with water. It includes nine fabulous colors that are ready to use, and the easy-to-store plastic tray makes cleanup and storage a snap. Set of 5 and set of 60 available.


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The vibrant, non-settling colors of this prang tempera blend easily, with creamy smooth textures and good working characteristics. The set contains 6 palette knives in each of 6 different styles.

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