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And then when he falls asleep, she will pounce on him, violently. Any change in routine may leave cats so stressed they take it out on each other. Forward-facing body position, hisses, growls, mounting behavior, nape bites, or blocking access to food, play, or attention. He is eight now. In many ways, their online dominance is an extension of their earthly conquests, and the same flesh-and-blood behavior that propelled cats across the globe also sustains lulu and her peers. Humans do this with their hands, you don’t need to bite the cat’s neck to do this.


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Cat domination fight. Best of luck in finding something that works. Each has his own level or territory even though they are vertically stacked on top of each other. According to a small feline-behavior study published in the journal. Sometimes cats, at best, co-exist, but never really get along. Most veterinarians are very good with cats and will calm even hysterical and hostile cats easily with body language. The move is to bite and grab with forepaws, then bicycle kick hard with hind claws to disembowel the prey — which may be your arm. This will make sure that more cats don’t end up on the street and may curb some of his tendencies.


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It’s interesting how the dynamics change over time. A friend of mine got a second cat recently and the new cat was constantly hiding because her other cat wasn’t very accepting.

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