Cant hold it pee tickle


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(kana was visible starting to shake. Before he gets to the story, kroll asks the audience if anyone has pooped their pants in the last year. But why does it happen? your uterus is not that big to begin with. You may also hear a bladder infection called cystitis (say: sis-tye-tus), which really means an irritation of the bladder.


Holding it in: a pee-denial tickle fic by professorsodaman on deviantartUrinary tract infections (utis)

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Cant hold it pee tickle. I won’t actually touch it–the hole–it’ll just be the toilet paper touching it. But once again kath ordered freck to withdraw from his. ’cause none of the boys can touch theirs, either. Don’t mention it, you were going to do the same thing to me.


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But i gotta go now,”! sam wailed. And then the most. Reaching between his legs, she pinched the end.

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