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7 percent of males say they never do it. Besides feeling good, masturbating helps keep your sex organs in good shape and keeps your sperm and semen in optimum condition for reproducing. 4 percent feel guilty most of the time, 27. Note that 8 of 10 is still a pretty good rating. So whether you masturbate as little as the least frequent religion or as much as the most frequent religion, don’t worry! you have a lot of company. Graham giles recommends that younger males (like you) masturbate at least 6 times a week to prevent prostate cancer.


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Cannot masturbate as much as usual. Sex and marriage therapist and author of. According to a survey of over 8,000 males by the web site healthystrokes. The link below is to a page on healthystrokes. This compares with only 50 percent circumcised in canada, 41 percent in latin america/caribbean, 18 percent in europe, 44 percent in asia, 48 percent in africa, and 35 percent in australia/new zealand. In fact, over 50 percent of women in all age groups between 18 and 59 spend at least some time pleasuring themselves, though it’s unusual in any age group for women and girls to do so more than three times a week. Among 19 year old males who have had a wet dream, 54 percent stopped having them when they learned to masturbate.

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Com in the second half of 2007, the average 15-year-old takes 8. 8 percent of 15 year old males have experienced vaginal intercourse. In fact, more than 45 percent of guys in their 70s are still masturbating, 1.

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