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For brunettes everywhere, it felt like an official endorsement to do the same. However, leave your natural root or have a colorist create the natural root in your hair to keep your skin looking good. Tiera, you look so beautiful in these pictures but i can not see enough detail in your natural colour. Another new favorite is from oribe as well! it’s called. Pretty little liars star, lucy hale, is famous for her dark brown hair, but since finishing up the tv series she’s transitioned to a dreamy caramel-blonde. And the reasons why.


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Can a brunette go blonde. On those dates, men that i barely knew all of a sudden wanted to put their hands on my thigh or my waist or my shoulder. Be patient with your stylist, when going lighter and understand that you might have to live with a color that is “in between” what you’re hoping to achieve for a few weeks. This looks great on any skin tone, as long as the shades mimic skin color: i. Don’t be afraid of a dark root! it looks cool. Start a little on the darker side, and then build up from there four to six weeks later. This began to manifest on dates. The light to dark is easy, the dark to light is nothing but work and $$$ blonde is such high maintenance!

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Certain drugs such as those to prevent malaria can lighten hair, while some epilepsy medications can darken it. But even then, there will most likely be some sort of minimal damage to your hair. In fact, it may take several trips to the salon to perfect because first you have to bleach out the dark hair before coloring the hair blond.

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