Bush calls reporter asshole


Bush endorses mccain, is an asshole: laist

They’ve nominated supreme court justices who like that theory. After he says that, it’s almost like he wakes up from a moment of testimony, and he says, “can we make all of this off the record?”. Clymer left norfolk to take a job at the baltimore sun. Why? because that’s the powerful trying to get their message out to other elites, through elite media. Essentially, at this moment, diiulio retires from his role as a public intellectual. The bush campaign had no comment.

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Bush calls reporter asshole. When there [is] a lot of more classified information, there’s more conversations that should be happening in secret. He and cheney were smiling and looking at the crowd when bush spotted a veteran reporter. So the press has a mixed record like every institution has a mixed record. Obviously the clinton administration was very angry with.

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July 17, 2006

And after a lot of work with the court, after a lot of conversations on different elements of it, we were able to satisfy– they were able to be satisfied with how we were going about these activities in a way that they could be comfortable with of putting it under a fisa order. You saw some of this in the evening newscast on the networks and some in the papers. It’s pretty locked down.