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The researchers describe men reporting severe fatigue, overheating, and a temporary flu-like state after sex. Imagine someone told you that if you followed one specific morning routine you’d be successful? imagine if you did that but saw a wider vision than wealth. Talk about compelling data to double up on your time in-between the sheets! So, protect the health of both your mind and body through one of the most enjoyable acts in life: orgasm.


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Eight weird things that can happen after you climax – including an orgasm in your foot, hallucinations and sneezing!

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Black fat orgasm. Yet, because most of us don’t work from home, we can’t step away to bring on the big o. Oiled babe with dildo masturbating to orgasm! Becoming tearful or feeling sad, depressed, anxious or agitated after sex are symptoms of a condition called postcoital dysphoria (pcd) or ‘post sex blues’. The comments below have not been moderated.

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I should make more money (. They need not include your lover. ‘onset of these symptoms is rapid and can last up to four to seven days’ said the report.

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