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A possible explanation may be differences in environmental exposures, including reproductive-related factors. Old post, but wanted to chime in. Should sit completely flat against the sternum. That’s a reflection of reaching a certain body mass and that’s because most people in the western world have easy access to food. ) i don’t know why it’s unacceptable for a male to ogle and catcall and make lewd remarks about a large-breasted (or indeed any) woman, yet women are able to get away with similar nasty behaviour.


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Big boob carribean and african women. I ain`t even gettin out of bed to walk across the street for that. Pretty face and nice figure and smarts is what most men care about- and humor. The leeward islands slave code of 1798, for instance, said that women five months pregnant or more could only be asked to do ‘light work’, although this kind of regulation was not always respected. White observers almost universally believed that african-derived ways of organising sexual and romantic relationships contributed to the low birth rate. Either you are a leg man , a man who hates hips and full asses, or and ass man. She needed them just to get through the day. Could bigger breasts be the result of binge drinking and bad diet?


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Women assume breast size is more important to men than it is, just as men assume penis size is more important to women than it is. Scientists say large breasts can take years off your life. If you want to increase more bigger than find justin thosoju on facebook and he is the one who proffesional about breast enlargement.

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