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But don’t ever bend an erection,” friedrichs warns. It’s very important that a guy having sex with knows how to use what he has. Well this thing totally depend on the lifestyle which you are following. I’ve tried to pop it like a pimple but it was to hard and wouldn’t pop. Hi im 14 and i have small flesh coloured lumps about 1mm-2mm in diameter, they are all over my penis but get more noticeable when i get erections.

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Ball dick have huge man who. It’s really sacrificing one type of pain for the other, but it’s worth it for my wife. I have 2 lumps near my genitals i don’t want to go to the doctors because i’m to embaresed so what shall i do(i’m worried). I don’t mind them too much and they don’t hurt. It developed into sore and still persist even after it with warm water, spirit and penecillin.


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Vitamin be is known to manage sex organs. This is called manual detorsion.

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