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However, properly played, arms is not only competitive with fury for overall dps, it provides unique raid buffs that bring up group utility significantly. My cape is also a 264 drop but i see the one you can buy with frost badges is spec. League of legends premiere evelynn strategy builds and tools. That being said, where do you rank paragon’s breadth (http://www. Was gonna edit it and take some of it back but i accept my mistakes. Rather, it is to equip the reader with the basic tools for beginning as an arms warrior.


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Armor penetration trinkets list. Pvp level range up to 49 to. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game. There are three armor penetration proc trinkets: one from an ulduar 10-man hard mode (probably unobtainable to most people), one from naxxramas 25-man (also difficult to obtain at this late stage) and one from a new heroic icc 5-man (probably the easiest to obtain, but also the least useful). Relics for your artifact weapon. Arms is a great leveling specialization: it only requires a single two-handed weapon, the stance associated with it (battle stance) is the first available, and it contains both survivability and high-damage abilities.

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) to reach as close to 100% passive armor penetration as possible (really 90% after battle stance, assuming that the warrior is not using a mace and has moved on past tier 9 level gear). The fury warrior guide, for mists of pandaria. Ok thanks a lot.

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