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"Call for emergence of a human sustainable lifestyle is not out of guilt, shame, judgment, or sacrifice – it's about a strategic, enlightened, reduction in use of resources, and a corresponding, deliberate increase in efficiency, quality, equity, stewardship, trust, and teamwork."
(David Wann)

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You can take the first step in community improvement by indicating your interest for participating in the SN Community Sustainability Assessment (CSA) initiative.


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Sustainability Now! (SN) is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation located in Napa CA. SN stimulates and guides human community improvement, health of ecosystems associated with communities, and sound function of watersheds from which communities find themselves relying upon. The organization promotes sustainable development through education, public awareness, scientific, and charitable activities.

Guided by its vision SN encourages society to collectively embrace environmental, societal, cultural, and economic significance of communities, whose members work together, and is ready to sit down with you and other like-minded people to talk about what your community or organization might do to improve in sustainable ways. Working hand-in-hand, we can assist your community to start taking charge of its own destiny by examining stakeholder core values and the things important to community members that will represent a sustainable future. Supported by a foundation of solid ideals, SN can effectively introduce the concepts, tools, and practices of sustainable development to any individual, group, community, business, government, or practitioner in a way that will promote actions urgently needed to address the many things that bother you about our world today. Let us help you think about, design, and act on comprehensive strategies to seek community sustainability.

Sustainability Now! is positioned to serve as a think tank, conveyor of doers, and facilitator of solutions. Our activities are defined by the acronym SUSTAIN.

  • Solicit ideas, problems, and/or situations to consider;
  • Understand, define, and analyze by pooling expertise, information, and resources;
  • Synthesize ideas into stakeholder options (integrated, holistic approach) and multi-faceted action agenda;
  • Train stakeholders and professionals to enhance their understanding and practice in sustainability;
  • Assemble experts across disciplines that can promote actions;
  •  Integrate science, organizations, agencies, and resources (partners) across boundaries; and
  • Negotiate processes and roles for a holistic solution, providing support and coordination for partners.

How sustainable is your community now? Does it desire to improve its environmental and socio-economic circumstances to become more sustainable? Contact us and let us sit down with you to work through your concerns and design an effective, sustainable way forward! By taking this step, community members can become more aware of what sustainability means and how they can further improve the place they call home – a community, a watershed or coastal area, and/or a region. Then we can assist you in solving any problems or meeting any challenges your organization or community faces in defining a sustainable future.


Check out SN's plans to partner with other organizations in the Napa Valley (CA - USA) Region to implement a
Napa Sustainability Roundtable

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